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Number LXXI (2011)

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Taming the Reef: The Coast Survey in the Keys

by James Tilghman
During the mid-1800s, the U. S. Coast Survey mapped the coast, reefs, and adjacent waters from Key Biscayne to the Dry Tortugas.

The Great White Plague: Tuberculosis in Key West, 1917-1945

by Maria Melssen
This article describes the causes that led to TB’s former prevalence in Key West, and the medical efforts to care for patients and reduce its rate of occurrence.

Kendall and Pinecrest: Historical Antecedents of Two Communities

by Scott F. Kenward
Settlement began in the area surrounding present-day U. S. 1, from SW 90 Street south to SW 108 Street. Significant developments included Kendall Groves, Flagler Grove, and the Rare Bird Farm.

Number LXXII (2012)

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Cold War Nuclear Missiles in Miami, 1962-1979

by Charles D. Carter
The Cuban Missile Crisis spurred the establishment of missile bases in South Florida, as a first line of defense against the prospect of a Soviet missile attack from Cuba.

1911: The Birth of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit

by Scott J. Silverman
Judge Silverman tells the story of the founding of the fourth busiest judicial circuit in the United States.

Galt and Simmons:  The Untold Stories of Two Miami Pioneers

by David W. Lee
Dr. Eleanor Galt and her husband, Albion Simmons, settled in Coconut Grove, at the present-day Kampong, during the late 1800s. While she worked as a frontier doctor, he owned and operated a guava jelly factory.

Pedro Pan

by Rita M. Cauce
The Pedro Pan project spirited 14,000 youths out of Communist Cuba to new homes in the U.S., expecially the Greater Miami area, between 1960 and 1962.

Number LXXIII (2013)

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Beyond the Railroad that Went to Sea: Henry Flagler and the Florida East Coast Car Ferry Company

by Jesus Mendez

Appropriation or Acculturation?: Spanish Influence on Calusa Culture

by Carmen Lopez

Commissioning Contemporaries: Early 20th Century American Artists at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

by Gina Wouters

Edna Greene: A Force for Women and Journalism in South Florida

by Kimberly Wilmot Voss

Number LXXIV (2014)

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The Origins and Early History of the Dade County Community Relations Board

by Raymond A. Mohl

Respectable White Ladies, Wayward Girls, and Telephone Thieves in Miami’s ‘Case of the Clinking Brassieres’

by Vivien Miller

The Boom, the Blow, and the Bust: One Man’s Memories

by Louis ‘Larry’ Semes, Jr., with comments by Robert Louis Semes

Number LXXV (2015)

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Number LXXVI (2016)

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Number LXXVII (2017)

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Number LXXVIII (2018)

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Number LXXX (2020)

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