Dr. Paul George, HistoryMiami Museum Resident Historian

For three decades, HistoryMiami Museum’s Resident Historian Dr. Paul S. George has toured his way to local, national, and international acclaim with his continuing series of historic tours. Through walking, coach, and boat tour experiences, Dr. George has welcomed tour participants on a memorable journey of South Florida through its historic neighborhoods, landmarks, and sites. As a Miami native, author, and former college professor, Dr. George has gained fame for his uncanny ability to recall the most impressive details about the people and places that make South Florida so unique.

Freddy Stebbins

Freddy Stebbins is a native Miamian whose family dates to the early pioneers who arrived to the area in 1906. He has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Miami and teaches History and Social Sciences at Miami Dade College. Freddy has worked with Dr. Paul George for over 10 years, providing tours and lectures on the history and culture of South Florida. Along with his academic credentials, Freddy is also a well-known speaker and performer at local venues in Miami-Dade County.

Voted Miami New Times “Best Loved and Most Creative Comedian.”

Ingrid E. Argueta

Ingrid E. Argueta was born in Guatemala and immigrated to Miami when she was 7 years old. Although not a native Miamian, she is a 305-er at heart. Ingrid has remained true to her indigenous roots and is passionate about Native American history and culture. She is best known for her eco-history tours of Miami’s historic sites, neighborhoods, and waterways. In her spare time, Ingrid enjoys riding her bike through Shark Valley, visiting cultural institutions, and spending time with her three spoiled and well-fed cats. Ingrid is currently pursuing a degree in Anthropology.

Jean Cidelca

Cidelca is a HistoryMiami Museum Educator and City Tours Guide. He describes Miami as having an array of cultures and diversity with unique senses of identity both on a macro and micro scale. Cidelca is currently pursuing a degree in Architecture from Florida International University.

John Bachay

John is a native of Wisconsin but has resided in the Miami area for over 40 years. He has an undergraduate degree in history and has been involved with non-profit preservation organizations in Miami, Miami Beach and Miami Shores both as a tour guide and board member. He is known for conducting Art Deco and MiMo tours as well as telling bad jokes to tour attendees from all over the globe.

Pepe Menendez

Born in Havana, Cuba, Pepe Menendez is a Miami transplant who has conducted tours of South Florida history and culture for HistoryMiami Museum for the past ten years. He is best known for his tours of Little Havana and Miami’s waterways. Prior to leading tours, Pepe worked as a civil engineer for Miami Dade County. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in History from Florida International University.

Thom Wheeler Castillo

Thom Wheeler Castillo lives and works in Miami, FL; Graduated from PNCA, Intermedia. Wheeler Castillo is interested in the landscape and ecosystems, past (art history) and present (Environmental Studies); he works from an interdisciplinary approach in his relentless pursuit of poetry, art history, earth science and anthropology.