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Named Best Museum 2022 by Miami New Times

SANCTUARY: Our Sacred Place

August 23, 2024 - January 26, 2025

In our mother’s womb, we are innocent. Oblivious to the world around us. Our environment matures us until we are prepared to meet our destiny and the path that will lead us there. Harnessed by our incubator, we are anchored to our very first sanctuary and sacred place. And when we must leave this place to face our world, we seek the same protection, depth, warmth, nutrition, and connection provided in the womb.

The Indigenous peoples of our world understood this knowledge, so they created rituals that would ease this transition. But more importantly, our ancestors and elders knew that this sanctuary, this sacred place, was a necessary element for the human condition in all of its growth stages. Our ancestors understood that sacred spaces were about entering the depths of the earth so we could commune with her and other life forms to make sense of our existence and fortify our strength.

Our sacred spaces hold more than comfort, assurance, and community. These locations are vortexes for revolution, healing, congress, and justice. It is where our forces, united, embolden the spirits of weakened bodies and tortured minds. It is the sanctuary from a world contaminated by injustice, confusion, and greed.

You are invited to bear witness to the human condition in search of peace manifested as Mawu-Lissa, Gran Mèt, Allah, God, and Almighty. This photo series documents sanctuary rituals, venerations, and commemorations created by the human condition as a portal into the depths of our multiverse and the spirit world.

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