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Named Best Museum 2022 by Miami New Times

Traversing The Wilderness

Exploring Human Transportation Across the Everglades 

November 4, 2022 - February 12, 2023

In celebration of Everglades National Park’s 75th anniversary, we explored historic photos that tell a story of how humans have navigated the striking landscape of the Everglades. At the time of its dedication on December 6, 1947, the lands and water that made up Everglades National Park were seen as impenetrable wilderness. Its character recalls an ancient allure—full of fear, mystery, and intrigue. It can be a wet, hot, and humid environment known for mosquitoes, dangerous wildlife, and poisonous plants—generally harsh and uninviting. Despite these challenges, humans have found the Everglades enchanting and beautiful. 

Co-curated with Everglades National Park. 

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