A black and white photograph of Downtown Miami in the 1930s. Trolley cars can be seen heading down a street alongside cars. A group of pedestrians are crossing the street with assistance from a police officer who stands in the middle of the road directing traffic.

In Class with Dr. George: Defining Moments in South Florida History

Tuesdays starting September 12th through October 10th

Delve into the history of Miami and South Florida with our Resident Historian, Dr. Paul S. George. Over the course of 5-weeks, Dr. George will lead you on an exploration of the defining moments of our region’s history. Each class session will include lecture and discussion followed by tours of either the museum’s exhibitions or historic sites in Downtown Miami.

Lecture topics to include: the area’s early history and peoples; the homesteading era; incorporation and the early years of the City of Miami; Boom/Bust and the 1920s; Depression and war; the post WWII Boom; and the emergence of an international city.

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Featured Speaker:

Dr. George stands in a blue suit with red tie before a black and white photography exhibition against grey walls.

Paul S. George, Ph.D.
Resident Historian

For over three decades, HistoryMiami Museum’s Resident Historian Dr. Paul S. George has toured his way to local, national, and international acclaim with his continuing series of historic tours. Through walking, coach, and boat tour experiences, Dr. George has welcomed tour participants on a memorable journey of South Florida through its historic neighborhoods, landmarks, and sites. As a Miami native, author, and former college professor, Dr. George has gained fame for his uncanny ability to recall the most impressive details about the people and places that make South Florida so unique.