1 (Winter 1991)

Where the Boys Were

by Dr. Paul S. George
From the 1950s through the 1980s, Spring Break and Ft. Lauderdale became synonymous.

Parrot Jungle: Miami’s Postcard Perfect Attraction

by Teresa Lenox
For more than 50 years on Red Road in Pinecrest, Parrot Jungle continued to be one of South Florida’s top tourist attractions.

Island Fantasies

by Remko Jansonius
Leave your inhibitions at mile marker one and join in the fun of the Key West Fantasy Fest.

What Would It Cost Today?

by Donald C. Gaby
Historian Don Gaby provides us with an improved method of comparing prices from the past.

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2 (Spring 1991)

The Champ Fights Back

by Jack B. Moore
In 1926 legendary boxer Jack Dempsey came to Florida to repair a tarnished reputation.

Moving a Military Road

by Canter Brown
George Meade knew the cross-state military road was in the wrong place.

Blacks and Seminoles

by George Klos
Former slaves played important roles in the Second Seminole War.

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3 (Summer 1991)

The Curtiss Flying School and U.S. Marine Flying Field

by Donald C. Gaby
Read an account of World War I era flight in the Miami area.

Carl Folke Sahlin: “Viking with a Paintbrush”

by Rose Connett-Richards
A South Florida resident, this transplanted Swede captured the folkways of the world in his paintings.

The Visual Record

These early 20th century photographs by George B. Adams show the men who built the Oversea Railway.

Sand in My Toes:  Sailing

by Jack Stark
Read about a young man’s adventures sailing on Biscayne Bay during the 1930s.

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Vol. 18, no. 4 (Fall 1991)

Jupiter Pioneers Traveled by Boat

by Jane Niebch
Bessie DuBois recalls a town with two cars, and traveling to school on The Maine.

Why did Peter Knight Leave?

by Patricia Bartlett
Lee County’s loss was Tampa’s gain as cowmen drove this lawyer from Ft. Myers.

The Visual Record

Photo selection and text by Stuar McIver
View images of the Everglades and the development of Everglades National Park.

Cuba & Florida: Exploring a Personal Connection

by Ellen Kanner
Two Miamians– Raul Rodriguez and Rocky Harper–recall their wrenching departures from their childhood homes in Cuba.

Phones Started Ringing in Miami in 1899

by Arthur E. Chapman
The founders of the first telephone exchange met in the yard of Frank Walton Chapman. Under a sapodilla tree a phone company grew.

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Vol. 19, no. 1 (Winter 1992)

Sand in My Toes

By Jack Stark
Sounds of silence and home-spun cussin’ enlivened Miami Beach during the 1930s.

Earliest Photo Returns to Key West

by Wright Langley
An 1850 photograph of Key West is found.

Miami’s Muck-lands Promotion Threatened Seminole Sovereignty

by Patsy West
Long Worth Crow, Jr., donation sheds light on 1927 photo collection. A publicity promotion, Forward to the Soil, involved Seminoles who acted without the support of the tribe.

Florida Counties Past and Present

by Thelma Peters
A crossword puzzle challenges readers’ knowledge.

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Vol. 20, no. 2 (Spring 1992) – Columbus Quincentenary Issue

Gooney Bird Seeks Columbus Landfall Site

by Douglas T. Peck
Where did Columbus land? The author makes his case for San Salvador.

Age of Exploration Probed Diseases of Human Body
Voyages into the Unknown Carried Health Hazards

by William M. Straight, M. D.
In two related articles, medical historian Bill Straight describes the medical profession and illnesses on ships during the 1490s and 1500s.

The Visual Record: Perceptions of Columbus—the Confusion Continues

by Maggie Heyn
What did Columbus look like? A selection of early portraits rely more on imagination than facts.

Quest for the Indies: Routes of Exploration

by Joseph H. Fitzgerald, M. D.
European exploration of the New World was documented in maps.

Columbus Scholar Defends the Explorer

by Stuart McIver
The author refutes the Columbus-bashing of the 1990s.

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Vol. 20, no. 3 (Summer 1992) Hurricanes

This issue actually appeared in the fall, after Hurricane Andrew had crossed South Florida.

Sand in My Toes: Killer Hurricane Makes Miami Beach More of a Sand Castle than a City

by Jack Stark

The 1926 Blow vs. Hurricane Andrew: Perspective from a Survivor of Both

by Jack Stark.

Memories of Storms Past: Excerpts from oral history interviews

Early Weather Service in Miami

by Don Gaby

The Visual Record

Signs from the 1926 hurricane recovery.

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Vol. 20, no. 4 (Fall 1992)

James Lunnon: Portrait of a Painter, Engineer and Pilot

by Rose Connett-Richards
This biographical sketch describes the life South Florida portrait painter James Lunnon.

The Visual Record:  Fast Food in Southern Florida

by Rebecca A. Smith
View photographs of Miami area fast food restaurants.

There Was a House in Our Town

by Arthur E. Chapman
This history of brothels in Miami focuses on the1940s and 1950s.

Antique Maps as Art

by Joseph H. Fitzgerald
The map collector is often attracted to maps for their artistic value or sensual appeal.

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