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The scholarly journal Tequesta has been published annually since 1941. It contains articles about the history of South Florida, especially of the Miami area, the Florida Keys and the Everglades. Time periods for topics range from pre-Columbian history to the late twentieth century. While most articles are scholarly studies, many first-person accounts also appear in the journal. The breadth and depth of the articles make Tequesta one of the best sources for the study of South Florida history.

Electronic versions of Tequesta have been produced by Florida International University Libraries’ Digital Collections Center, thanks to funding from the State University Libraries’ Florida Heritage Program. FIU digitized paper copies of the Journal and converted them to fully searchable text using high-end Optical Character Recognition software.


The editors welcome submissions for consideration for inclusion is future issues of Tequesta. Manuscripts should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. If illustrations are included with the manuscript, submit them as 300 ppi or larger jpegs or tiffs, with captions and credit lines. Send inquiries and contributions to e.info@historymiami.org.

Rights and Reproduction

The contents of Tequesta are copyrighted by the Historical Association of Southern Florida. All rights are reserved. Reprint of material is encouraged, however; written permission from the Association is required. Downloading of excerpts from HistoryMiami’s web site for personal use is also encouraged.

What’s Not Online

In-print and current issues are not online–after all, we want you to become a member! To view more recent issues, visit the Research Center, purchase copies through Amazon, or become a member.