Volume 10

vintage book cover with old photos on front

Vol. 10, no. 1 (February 1983) – New Museum

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Museum I: A Birthing, by Zannie May Shipley.
Museum II: A Moving Experience, by Thelma Peters.
Museum II: A Dress Rehearsal, by Linda Williams.
Museum III: Tracking the Cultural Complex Track, by Margot Ammidown.

vintage book cover with old war photo on front

Vol. 10, no. 2 (May 1983) – Beginnings

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We Went Through Quite an Ordeal, by Helen Frank. [1926 hurricane]
A Different Church, A Different Drummer, by Agneta Heldt. [Unitarian Church]
Civic TLC for Fragile Minds, by Patricia McIntosh. [Mental Health Society]
Miamians Trace Ancestors to 1600s, by Eleanor Ratelle. [Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America]

vintage book cover with map of islands on front

Vol. 10, no. 3 (August 1983) – Caribbean Connections

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A Home for Cuban Roots, by Cristing Lamadriz. [Cuban Museum]
An Exile from Nassau, by Jeanne Bellamy. [Etienne Dupuch]
A Paper Chase for Haitian Cannons, by Dan Markus
A Barbados Root Revisited, by Jeanne Bellamy
The Scoop on “Biscayne Bilin’s”: the First Dade County Newspaper, by Thelma Peters [The Tropical Sun]

vintage book cover with old fashion plane on front

Vol. 10, no. 4 (November 1983) – The Three Rs

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Recognition: A 1919 Atlantic Flight, by B. Hiram Blakely
Remembrances: 3 Young Boys’ Boom Days
His Priceless Memories, by Walter Norman.
‘Gator Joins the Outing, by Frederick Harrington
Does George Know W. Flagler St.!, by George Wolpert.
Reminder: Why Is It Called Dinner Key?, by Wellborn Phillips.

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Volume 11

vintage book cover with large stone building on front

Vol. 11, no. 1 (February 1984) – Building a New Era

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Fantasies in Concrete, by Margot Ammidown. [Walter DeGarmo]
They Don’t Build Them Like That Now, by Charles Edwin Chase. [Coral Gables architecture]
The Biltmore: Memories that Linger, by Maylen Newby Pierce.
Why is It Called Le Jeune Road?, by Wellborn Phillips.
A Reporter Remembers those Days, by Norma Davis True. [Miami News Tower]

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Vol. 11, no. 2 (May 1984) – Guide to the Museum

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HASF History, by Arva Moore Parks.
An Interpretive Guide to the Exhibits:
Land and Sea
First Arrivals
International Rivalry
Southward Expansion
New People, New Technology
The Black Experience, by Dorothy J. Fields.
Gateway to the New World
Research Collections, by Rebecca Smith.
Artifact Collection, by Daniel O. Markus.
Audubon’s Birds of America

vintage book cover with an ocean on front

Vol. 11, no. 3 (August 1984) – Magical Plans

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Planners and Dreamers, by Elizabeth Peeler. [unfulfilled planning]
The Long Gone Dreams, by Thelma Peters. [agriculture]
Exotics: Assets or Menaces?, by Zannie May Shipley.
Prophesies: Some Came True, Some Did Not, Most Were Ignored, by Jeanne Bellamy.
Just This Once, by Zannie May Shipley. [deliberate train collision and Fulford Speedway]
Why is it Named That? : Merrie Christmas Park, by Wellborn Phillips.

vintage book cover with grass on front

Vol. 11, no. 4 (November, 1984) – Writing History

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Ingredients Count when You Recreate History, by Thelma Peters.
Island Research Needs Dogged Determination, by Sandra Riley.
1824 Storm Search Is Rewarding, by Donald C. Gaby.
Storm Power Scale Designed by Miamians, by Jeanne Bellamy. [the Saffir-Simpson scale]
Cleo’s Twentieth Birthday, by Michael Kesselman. [Hurricane Cleo, 1964]
Life Among Alligators, by Patsy West. [Freeman-West family encounter with alligators]
Why Is It Called That?: Tigertail Avenue, by Wellborn Phillips.