Volume 12

vintage book cover with groups of people on front

Vol. 12, no. 1 (February 1985) – Brushes with Celebrities

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Fishing with Hemingway, by Oliver Griswold
Was it Really Hemingway?, by Frederick Harrington
A Home for Robert Frost, by Lee Aberman
Revisiting Wylie’s Vipers, by Lee Aberman
The Knight Clan Migrates to Miami, by Jewell Woodard Alderman.
Time Capsule [chronology]

vintage book cover with city on front

Vol. 12, no. 2 (May 1985)

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Lone “Company House” Fights for Survival, by Valerie Fisher Lassman. [Flagler Cottage]
John Seybold: the Baker, by Connie Prunty.
Laura Cushman: The Teacher, by Joan Drody Lutton.
Carolyn Pearce: The Clubwoman, by Carolyn L. Pearce.
The Road to Nowhere, by Wellborn Phillips. [Kendall Drive]

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Vol. 12, no. 3 (August 1985) – Three Looks at Hurricanes

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An Eye-Witness Account, by Elizabeth Dutcher Bradford [1935 hurricane]
Labor Day Storm 50 Years Ago, by Dr. Michael Kesselman [1935 hurricane]
The Miami Satellite Field Services Station, by Donald Gaby
Mariel Boatlift: a Failed Mission, by J. Allison DeFoor II

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Vol. 12, no. 4 (November 1985) – Wings Over Miami

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Miami’s First Plane, by Dr. Thelma Peters, PhD
The School For Famous Flyers, by Linda K. Williams. [Curtiss Flying School]
Wings over Miami, By Amanda S. Ridings.
The First U. S. – Cuba Passenger Flight, by Marjorie and Thomas O. Otto.
Lighter-Than-Air Craft, by Amanda Ridings

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Volume 13

vintage book cover with jungle on front

Vol. 13, no. 1 (February 1986) – In Search of Dade

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A Gallant Soldier, by Harriet Stiger Liles [Francis Langhorne Dade]
A March of Death, by Willard S. Steele [Dade Massacre]
County Seat in the Keys, by Irving R. Eyster [Indian Key]
Interlude in Juno, by Charles W. Pierce [Dade County seat]
Marti’s Voice Still Strong, by Jeanne Bellamy
An Ancient Kinship, by Jeanne Bellamy [Cuba and Florida]

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Vol. 13, no. 2 (May 1986)

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A Gracious Neighbor, by Rose Connett Richards. [Marion Deering]
A Rundown on South Florida Storms, by Donald C. Gaby
A Service Is Created, by Jean T. Bradfisch. [Visiting Nurse Association]
A Hoosier Learns Miami Magic, by Nixon Smiley. [Frank Shutts]

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Vol. 13, no.3 (August 1986) – The Civil War

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Blockade Runners and Lighthouses, by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr.
Deserters, Evaders, Refugees, by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr.
A Famous Fugitive, by Rodney E. Dillon, Jr. [John C. Breckinridge]
In the Land of Cotton, by Elizabeth DuBose Price Breeze. [Henry Choice Price during the Civil War]
Shutts and Flagler, by Nixon Smiley

vintage book cover with jungle on front

Vol. 13, no. 4 (November 1986)

Motoring from Ohio to Miami, by Frederick H. Harrington
The Biscayne Study Club
Everglades Camping Memories: Hunting With Six Small Boys, by Maylen Newby Pierce
The Battleship Maine Is Raised and Resunk, by Thelma Peters