Starting July 17 – October 2024 field trips to the museum will be temporary closed due to maintenance. Museum trips will be available again in October. For groups looking for summer activities, please look at our ‘Round Town and Museum on the Go options.

Little Stories  

Grade Level: PreK – 2nd. 1-hour program. Sample Standards: LAFS.K12, LAFS.K, LAFS.1, LAFS.2

Once upon a time there was a gallery tour made just for our youngest friends. HistoryMiami Museum Educators will guide your pre-K through second grade students on a story filled journey through our exhibitions to explore the sights, sounds, animals and people that make our community special. Cost $250* per group of 20.

We the People 

Grade Level: 6th -12th. 2-hour program · Sample Standards: SS.6.C, SS.7.C, SS.8.A, SS.912.A

The United States is a country founded by the people for the people, but who are the people? Throughout history, the answer to that question has changed. Join us for this civics and U.S. history themed program to learn how the government operates on a local, state and federal level and the role of the individual in each. Students will work on critical thinking skills while investigating the history and relationship between these three governing bodies and how their operations impact our everyday life and community. Cost $300* per group of 30.

Making Miami Home 

Grade Level: 3rd -12th. 2-hour program. Sample Standards: SS.6.G, SS.7.G, SS.8.G, SS.8.A, SS.912.G, SS.912.A

We all came from somewhere and everyone has a story! Find out why, when and how people have come to call Miami home by analyzing objects, images and primary sources. Experience the birth and growth of our community through the stories of the women, Native Americans, Asian, Black and Afro-Caribbean, and Latin/Hispanic people who have made South Florida their home. You may choose to focus on one group of people, or a combination. Cost $300* per group of 30.


Self-Guided visits are perfect for teachers who want to lead their own tours of the Museum. Groups are welcome to explore any of the exhibitions currently on view. Cost $300* per group of 30.

***One teacher/chaperone per ten students is admitted free. Additional adults: $10 each. Advance registration is required for all programs.