Our Mission is to safeguard and share Miami’s stories, to foster learning, inspire a sense of place, and cultivate an engaged community. 

For more than 84 years, HistoryMiami Museum has been the custodian of our community’s memories, thanks to the support of friends like you. Today, more than ever, we depend on the generous donations of our supporters to help move our future and dreams for the community forward. Kindly consider making a gift to sustain our work and contribute to a better tomorrow, for everyone who calls Miami home.

There are many ways you can invest in Miami’s history.

Your gift will go right to work to support HistoryMiami Museum’s exhibitions, collections and community-focused offerings, such as school programs, tours and family-friendly events for everyone in Miami. We welcome donations to our annual fund and the Orange Blossom Society, tribute gifts, corporate sponsorship, planned gifts, stock gifts, donations to our endowment or the sponsorship of a bird from our Birds of America collection by John James Audubon. We truly appreciate our friends who choose to invest in Miami’s history and future.

HistoryMiami Museum’s Annual Fund provides essential, unrestricted funds that allows the museum to continue providing state of the art exhibitions and excellent programs for children, adults and families in our community. Gifts to the Annual Fund can consist of of cash, stocks, Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) from your traditional IRA or a grant from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). These gifts support every aspect of the museum’s programs and many are fully tax deductible. Your gift of any size makes a difference! Click here to give:
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Harnessing the power of a generous group of individuals committed to establishing a deeper connection to Miami’s museum and the stories of our city, the ORANGE BLOSSOM SOCIETY honors the past as it looks to the future. The Orange Blossom Society members support and are actively engaged with HistoryMiami Museum’s mission, as a member-supporter, you directly contribute to the museum’s core efforts, including exhibitions, folklife, collections gathering and conservation, free museum access for families, and the future creation of a new, state-of-the-art museum. Support for the Orange Blossom Society may be made monthly or annually. Join us by making a gift at one of the levels detailed below and get started on making history! BUDS $1,500 – $4,999 PETALS $5,000 – $9,999 BLOSSOMS $10,000 – $15,000 To learn more about the Orange Blossom Society, please contact our Development Manager, Hilda Masip at 305.375.1618 or email Development@historymiami.org.
Marcia J. Kanner loved HistoryMiami, serving as the museum’s trustee, chairman of the board and endowment coordinator. With Dr. Joseph Fitzgerald, she co-founded the Miami International Map Fair. After her passing in 2017, Marcia’s husband Lewis Kanner, with family support, created the Marcia J. Kanner Memorial Fund to keep alive her spirit and passion. Marcia loved not just the museum but its mission to preserve and celebrate Miami’s history as the unique crossroads of the Americas. The family designated the fund to honor Marcia’s desire to make local history resonant and accessible to our community. To learn more about named funds honoring an extraordinary person in your life, contact Hilda Masip at hmasip@historymiami.org or call 305.375.1618.
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A gift or sponsorship from your business helps support the cultural life of the Miami community. There are various opportunities available to sponsor major exhibitions, school programs, public programs, special events, as well as research and collections conservation projects. Corporate sponsors make it possible for thousands of people to benefit from HistoryMiami Museum programs each year. HistoryMiami Museum sponsorship opportunities are customized to meet your company’s specific goals while maintaining our mission. To learn more about Corporate Sponsorship, please e-mail Alicia Foster at
Development Office.
You can make a gift to the HistoryMiami Museum Annual Fund in the name of a colleague, friend or family member. Remember a special loved one through a memorial gift in his or her honor or recognize the special people around you with a tribute gift.
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HistoryMiami Museum houses and conserves a full set of the 435, full size (Double Elephant Folio) prints of John James Audubon’s Birds of America. We are proud to own this rare national treasure. Having this magnificent gem in our collection, we offer members and friends an opportunity to sponsor an Audubon bird in honor of, or in tribute to a loved one, friend, or colleague. Audubon bird sponsorship is fully tax deductible and supports HistoryMiami Museum’s endowment. To select your Audubon Bird please contact Hilda Masip at 305-375-1618 or email hmasip@historymiami.org. Sponsorship can paid through monthly or quarterly installments. Sponsorship: Florida Bird $10,000 National Birds (non-Florida) $2,500
Many assets transfer by the beneficiary designation form you completed when you established your account, rather than through your will or trust. The beneficiary designation can be changed by you at any time and does not require an attorney. To name HistoryMiami Museum as a beneficiary, please use our full legal name Historical Association of Southern Florida, Inc. and our federal tax identification number 59-09-68-005. The address is 101 West Flagler Street, Ste C Miami, FL 33130
You can make a gift to HistoryMiami Museum in your will or trust. Bequests are a simple and popular option for creating a legacy. To name HistoryMiami Museum in a bequest, please use our full legal name Historical Association of Southern Florida, Inc. and our federal tax identification number 59-09-68-005. Our address is 101 West Flagler Street, Suite C Miami, FL 33130.
You can save on taxes: When you donate your appreciated assets, you avoid paying capital gains tax. If you itemize deductions, you can also take a charitable deduction for the entire donation amount. Maximize your impact for HistoryMiami Museum, while minimizing your tax burden. HistoryMiami Museum has partnered with Bermont Gold Wealth Advisory of Raymond James to receive your gift of stocks. All gifts will be liquidated at no cost to you or the museum. If you wish to make a gift of stock, have your broker contact our representative Jesus Cruz at 305-460-2713 and let him know your gift is for HistoryMiami Museum. Please contact Hilda Masip at hmasip@historymiami.org or 305-375-1618, to let us know of your stock gift. We want to to be sure to thank you for your thoughtful philanthropy.
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A gift made to HistoryMiami Museum’s endowment fund will still be supporting our programs decades from now, when today’s children bring their own little ones to the museum to learn about and experience their history and heritage. This is one gift that is truly timeless. We can also create named funds to honor a loved one or fund a program that is especially meaningful to you. Contact us at 305.375.1618 or email Hilda Masip at Hmasip@historymiami.org for giving options that are accessible to anyone.
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