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What is your Miami Story?
How did your family get here?
What is it like being in Miami during this challenging time in our country?

HistoryMiami Museum has launched a new way for you to share your story online about your life in Miami! Upload a video to share your story with your community. Record your video and upload it.

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You Can Submit A Written Story As Well

HistoryMiami Museum’s Miami Stories Initiative is proudly celebrating its 11th anniversary. This oral history project documents life in the Magic City which is preserved in our museum’s archive and shared online.

HMM On Demand Episode 5

“Arriving to Miami”

Join our School Programs Manager Cynthia T. as she explores our core exhibition, Tropical Dreams: A People’s History of South Florida. In this week’s episode, Cynthia talks about the different journeys people go through before they arrive to Miami.

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Watch This: HistoryMiami’s South Florida Folklife Center

Meet the artists that have served as HistoryMiami Museum’s Artists in Residence. Through their residencies, they have had the opportunity to share their art and culture with their South Florida community.

Explore This: 10 Days of Connection Online Exhibition

Lady holding dress

We asked you, our community, to share what object reflects your cultural identity. Click here to see what your neighbors submitted and/or submit your own video and be part of the exhibition.

Read This: Everglades National Park

rescuing the deer

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. How are you ensuring you do your part to keep our parks, oceans, and Earth clean?

Photo: Wildlife officers rescuing deer in Everglades National Park. Deer die of starvation and disease during seasons of prolonged high water in the Everglades conservation areas. Beginning in the mid-1960s, Florida wildlife officers would capture deer and relocate them to higher ground to in attempts to rescue them, 1969. Miami News Collection, HistoryMiami Museum.

Explore This: Hands-on History at Home

Ready to get hands on with South Florida’s history? Here are some great activities to try at home with kids and teens!

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drawing of dinosaur

Explore This: Influenza Epidemic of 1918

How was Miami affected by the Influenza Epidemic of 1918? HistoryMiami Museum just released our 79th edition of Tequesta. In it, learn how that outbreak about impacted South Florida.

Read 79th edition of Tequesta

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Overview of the Guayabera’s History

This online exhibition offers an overview of the guayabera’s history, one that traces the its journey through Cuba, Mexico and the United States, and from humble beginnings to fashion phenomenon.

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Explore Historic Miami Photos

Explore Miami’s past from the comfort and safety of your home! View our online archives collection and find photos of Miami from every decade. Who knows what treasures you’ll dig up from the past!

Teacher Resources

Our catalog of online resources is a great resource for teachers of all grades. Learn how museums care for objects or learn how Miami’s pioneers made Miami home in our variety of our online tools.

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